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city walk through Utrecht

Vegan Bicycle Tour Utrecht

The Vegan Bicycle Tour Utrecht

In 2021 we started the Vegan Food Tour Utrecht. A walk through the center of Utrecht full of fun anecdotes, good food and inspiring entrepreneurial stories. Hundreds of people walked with us to the best vegan hotspots in the center. It soon became clear that there was one big drawback to our tour: some vegan restaurants are a very far walk, so we can’t go there on foot :(.

Of course we will not let ourselves be discouraged. As traditional Dutch entrepreneurs, we have found the solution that can bridge any distance: our loyal steel steed. The two-wheeler that every Dutch person learns to keep under control from childhood. He takes you to school, to work and even home after a night out. In other words, he is always loyal to you. From April 2022 we will start with a vegan Bicycle tour in Utrecht. We visit some of the coolest vegan hotspots in the city and we will also tell you all about the cathedral city during this tour.

We jump on the saddle, stand firmly on the pedals, and look for the tastiest vegan snacks and most beautiful Utrecht stories!

Inspiring entrepreneurs

In addition to all the surprising flavors, there is one important ingredient that should not be missing: entrepreneurship. Just like the Vegan Food Tour that takes you through the centre of the city, the Vegan Bicycle Tour Utrecht is also full of inspiring stories from Utrecht entrepreneurs. Each of them has its own reason for choosing a plant-based offer. Love for animals is always central, caring for the planet is always important and pampering themselves and all Utrecht’s taste buds is of utmost importance!

This is what you want to know about the Vegan Bicycle Tour Utrecht

1. The first Vegan Bicycle Tour will start on Saturday 16 April.
2. The tour will last about 3 to 4 hours and you can bring your own bicycle
3. Don’t have a bicycle in Utrecht? No worries. Rent an OV-fiets or let us arrange a bicycle for you. You pay the costs yourself.
4. Do you want to know everything about the bicycle tour and other things we do? Sign up for the newsletter !
5. The Vegan bicycle Tour Utrecht can also be booked as a company outing or group activity.
6. Use the form below to sign up for the Vegan Bicycle Tour Utrecht and receive a 10% early bird discount on your entire booking. You can claim the discount until August 31, 2021.

Bicycle tour through Utrecht and surroundings

Cycling through the beautiful surroundings of Utrecht and surroundings, we reflect on the stories of the city. No long monologues about Roman history or the development of Vinex quarters. But special stories about old fortresses that are worth visiting and gas stations that have been converted into restaurants. We cycle through colorful neighbourhoods, stately parks and green fields. Book your bicycle tour for this summer and get to know (the surroundings of) Utrecht a lot better in one afternoon.

Haven’t you walked through the center with us yet? Book your tickets here and join us on a walking tour of worldly dishes and typical Dutch snacks. The reviews don’t lie.

Request your tour now and receive an early bird discount!

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